"The Little Black Girl's Guide"

Through College and Career Admissions

Have you ever thought about the "why" of high school? What does it all mean? Why is my grade point average so important? What if I don't want to go to college? Where do I begin with the process? If these were questions you have ever asked yourself as you move from one grade to the next, you are not alone. These are questions students are challenged to answer as they select courses, earn grades and move closer to graduation.

The purpose of this guide book is to provide the reader with information to make them a more informed consumer of education. The content and worksheets will help the student plan and organize as they earn a diploma. The book has exercises and a glossary that will enrich the reader. It is can be used in group settings or in workshops.

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Excerpt from

"The Little Black Girl's Guide"...

*RELEASE DATE: February 15, 2020

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This chapter discusses organization for writing essays. Essays for college and scholarships can be developed using this method. Always have someone to review your essays for typos and flow.